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The Life and Times of a Superstar-in-Waiting

Friday, April 26, 2013


Hey there, this is an rp account, but anyone wanting to rp Spike/Angel, Spike/Giles, Spike/Wesley, or Spike/Lindsey with perhaps an eye towards publishing it as fanfic please e-mail goddess_salustra@yahoo.com.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

5:56PM - Good news and bad news (locked to members of the alliance)

Well Fred and I are staying here in Sunnydale. We're buying a house, and starting an agency. Minus Angel, plus a bunch of new friends here.

On the downside...Wes seems to be a prisoner in the vamp castle. And Angel and Spike are back with the vamp clan. That means Dawn, Xander, and Willow are with them too. Things seem pretty fucked.

Current mood: worried

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Saturday, March 5, 2005

6:52AM - (private thoughts, not really posted)

Oh god, I really have to be the luckiest bitch-prom-queen that ever, ever lived.

The past few days have been something out of an incredible erotic dream. Too wonderful to ever be real. And that it's with someone I love, and who really loves me... that's almost too much to ask, even for wishing.

This is the ultimate. I'm with someone who truly loves me. Someone I can truly love. And she loves me enough to do all these strange and twisted things with me. To take me out on that limb, and crawl right out there with me.

And that's the key, really, the love. Because otherwise it's just cheap kinkiness, and sad and dreary really. But with love it comes alive. And everything is about the love.

I'm sitting in a car right now, naked except for nipple huggers and fuck-me heels and an anal plug, and she's just auctioned me to a bunch of strangers, and I've never felt more safe and loved and precious in. my. entire. life.

I just pray to whatever gods are listening that this lasts. Because I never want her to leave.

Current mood: loved

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Monday, February 28, 2005

5:15PM - Ummm...interesting laws...

Ok, it's the middle of the night. I got up to use the bathroom and decided to check the SDPD database to see if my nakedness led to complaints and possible legal consequences. Nope.

So I started poking around. Turns out, public nudity is legal in Sunnydale. Hell, public *sex* is legal in Sunnydale. Religious tolerance ordinances.

I have to tell Fred when she gets up. Of course, I'm certain it will give her ideas. *moan*

Getting back into bed now.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

1:43AM - Real quick entry (typed on my handheld)

I am currently driving across Sunnydale, naked except for sextoys inside me, headed for Anya's apartment. I'm so hot, but Fred seems to have implied to my little hints that it may be a long long time until I'm allowed to come.

Apparently I am being punished because I didn't move fast enough to help Anya. So now, no orgasms for me til I've helped Anya a *lot*.

Oh god how I love Fred, and the way she gives me what I really truly need and crave in the dark little places inside me even I didn't know.

Current mood: horny

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

8:02AM - Sleeping in the arms of love

Wow. This has been an incredible few days. Fred is sleeping and I just felt the need to put down a little of what I'm feeling. My body is a map of passion right now. Bruises and paddle marks and bite marks and scratches and deep and satisfying aches and pains.

I feel that collar and stare at it in the mirror. The eyes that look back at me are almost a stranger's eyes. I'm happy, utterly and completely happy belonging to Fred. And the fact that she wears a bracelet saying she belongs to me too. That we belong to each other. Love, real love, all the way forever love with a woman that seems somehow to understand everything I've ever wanted or needed and who I somehow seem to do the same for. It's the stuff of fairytales and not the life of Cordelia Chase as I've always known it.

Anyway, time for me to crawl back in bed before Fred can miss me. God I love her.

Current mood: happy

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Cordy's Corset

Fred's pretty new leather paddle

Non-piercing nipple jewelry

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Double Dildo for double fun

Heart-shaped bondage cushion

Little flogger for fun

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

8:49PM - Thinking about Fred

Ok, so like I totally caught Fred checking me out the other day. At least I think I did. I mean, sometimes it's hard to tell if she's staring at something or thinking really deep thoughts. She so smart. *sighs*

I'm probably just imagining it. I mean, she's probably not even into girls. I know Wes and Gunn have both been interested in her before. She's smart and pretty and sweet. What's not to like?

Whereas I, for all my admitted fabulousness, am pretty much a wanna-be actress without a lot else going on.

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